Agri-Food Pilot

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Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot helps address the labor needs of the Canadian agri-food sector. This program offers a permanent residence for non-seasonal workers and experienced in certain occupations and industries. It will run until May 2023.

The agri-food industry is one of the major contributors to Canada’s economic vitality and growth, supporting 1 in 8 jobs nationwide. In 2019, the agricultural export sector has reached a new high record, reached $ 67 billion.

The Agrifood Immigration Pilot will accept applications from 15th May 2020 to 14th May 2023.

It is important to meet the requirements and to supply supporting documents at the time of application in order to avoid any delays or having your visa application denied.

If you are interested in applying for the Canadian Agri-food Immigration Pilot, we are here to make your application easy! Contact us now.

Agri-Food Pilot