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Agri-Food Pilot

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Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

Revital Immigration Services is an expert immigration consultant company located in Surrey, BC, Canada that offers exceptional services in the field. At Revital Immigration, we understand the importance of having access to professional and reliable immigration services. Our team of experts has extensive experience in providing high-quality services to clients looking to immigrate to Canada. That is why we are proud to offer our expertise and assistance with the Canadian Agri-Food Immigration Pilot.

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is a valuable opportunity for non-seasonal workers with experience in certain occupations and industries within the Canadian agri-food sector. With the agri-food industry being one of the major contributors to Canada’s economic vitality and growth, supporting one in eight jobs nationwide, this program is a vital step towards securing a permanent residency in Canada.

The Canadian agri-food sector has seen significant growth in recent years, with the agricultural export sector reaching a record high of $67 billion in 2019. This highlights the significant role that the agri-food industry plays in the country’s economic success and demonstrates the potential for individuals to build a successful and rewarding career within this sector.

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is set to run from May 15th, 2020 to May 14th, 2023, providing eligible individuals with ample time to apply for this valuable opportunity. However, it is important to note that meeting the requirements and supplying the necessary supporting documents at the time of application is crucial to avoid any delays or having your visa application denied.

This is where the team of experienced immigration consultants at Revital Immigration can assist. Our team of experts has a thorough understanding of the immigration process and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your application is complete and meets all the necessary requirements. Our goal is to make the application process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients.

In addition to helping you with the application process, our team at Revital Immigration can also provide guidance and support throughout your journey to becoming a permanent resident in Canada. From providing information on the Canadian job market to helping you with your settlement plans, we are here to help make your transition to Canada as seamless as possible.

In conclusion, if you are interested in applying for the Canadian Agri-Food Immigration Pilot, Revital Immigration is here to help. Our team of experienced immigration consultants is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients, and we are committed to helping you achieve your dream of living and working in Canada. Contact us now to learn more about this opportunity and how we can assist you in realizing your dreams.